Merits And Demerits Of CAD CAM Courses And Tools

Computer-Aided Design-Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD.CAM) is the essential courses for designing and manufacturing products. Undoubtedly, this twin term CAD.CAM is responsible for innumerable technological developments in the areas of mathematical analysis, designing quick prototypes, pre-modelling and aesthetic software.

Many reputed technical colleges across the world conduct CAD.CAM basic and advanced courses for the passionate engineering students who have started their academics in the field of mechanical engineering, which is considered to be a pioneer in the engineering education and services. One should know the fact here, that without the faculty of mechanical engineering no other engineering would have evolved on this planet. From pure science laboratories to the advance healthcare facilities the mechanical engineering has prevailed in every aspect of human life.

When it comes to CAD CAM, there are innumerable benefits these technological innovations have provided to the engineering community. The CAD software or other CAD utility tools offer excellent flexibility in its applications. By using CAD tools, one can make style changes instantly and compare various options for the designers to create a new product whether it is small office table to a sophisticated automobile car or even its engine. Gone are the days wherein manual drawings were made by the draftsperson where changes are not possible in a short time.

Each change needs to rework, and enormous productivity is wasted resulting in a delay in getting the new products. With CAD one can make things or changes in a quicker time that need only a few minutes by manipulating the computer mouse. More importantly, CAD tools offer to imitate the flow of air in the IC (Internal Combustion) engine or huge steam boilers deployed in the thermal or atomic power stations. Undoubtedly, CAD software or training allows a high degree of versatility in the style or design application procedures.

Like the application flexibility, CAD also offers excellent design flexibility for the product designers. With CAD samples can be done with various elements in order to study the property changes within the item when influenced by external pressures. CAD is a boon for the developers to make customized products that are needed by the requirements of clients. This feature seems to the real USP of the CAD tools or software. CAM also is well used to make customized prototypes or finished products.

There is no element of doubt that CAD-CAM tools are found to be highly effective in improving the efficiency of the prototype models in a better way than the previous versions. This facility seems to be taking the creativity of the designer to new levels far beyond the traditional procedures used in the past.

Like the other modern inventions, CAD CAM has some flip side as these tools or software offer and suggests various parts or elements which are generally found to be expensive. To quote an example, these tools suggest precious stones like diamond or gold in few of the critical parts in the areas like cutting glasses.

In a cost sense, it may not be practical for the product designers to sell products in the competitive market. When compared to the merits these CAD-CAM tools offer to the technological developments, some of its demerits can be ignored as they are helpful for the new product designers and developers.