Overview of The Effects of Marijuana Addiction In Families

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that is smoked through pipes and consumed along with other food items. Regular consumption of marijuana can result in addiction. Nearly 20-50% of regular consumers of marijuana become addicted to the weed. It is said that families of people who are addicted to marijuana are seriously affected. The long term effects of marijuana addiction can result in serious health issues. Thus several countries prohibit the sale of marijuana plants. It can be used only for medicinal purposes. The use of marijuana is delineated by our friends at Plant Sily. The review of various marijuana strains can help to understand the effects of consuming marijuana.

The following lists the effects encountered by families due to marijuana addiction.

Financial Effects
The families of people with marijuana addiction can result in devastating financial issues of the household. It affects each and member of the family. Marijuana is an expensive drug. Thus marijuana addiction spends a lot of money that can be used for other family expenses including grocery, electricity bills and others. Families of marijuana addicted people must bear the expenses for the court expenses of illegal possession of marijuana. This can result in a great financial blow for families.

Health Effects
Marijuana addiction can result in mental and physical effects of the entire family. Mental effects are a matter of serious concern in families with marijuana addicted members. Regular consumption of marijuana can impair various mental functions. It results in brain fog, decreased problem-solving capabilities and co-ordination issues. It greatly affects the concentration and thinking capabilities. Marijuana addiction can cause anxiety, pleasure and intense thinking. All these can affect the family to a greater extent. Other mental effects of marijuana addictions are listed below are

  • Loss of memory
  • Change in Mood
  • Difficulty in problem-solving

It makes people mentally unstable and thus they are unsafe to raise children in the home. Marijuana drug addiction can make them feel tired and this results in detaching from surroundings and family. There are more chances that they sleep for long hours with a continuous intake of marijuana or cannabis. Thus they lose valuable family time.

It is obvious that marijuana addiction can result in serious physical issues. Marijuana contains a chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) which is mainly used is responsible for its physiological effects. THC increases the heart rate and causes several health problems. This increases the risk of heart attacks for people who suffer from marijuana addiction. Marijuana smokers do not use fillers and thus breathe in higher amount of carcinogen. This can affect the respiratory functions and can cause cough and other respiratory-related infections. Cannabis addiction in pregnant women can result in several growth disorders of babies.

Need For Treatment
Marijuana withdrawal treatment is important for people who suffer from marijuana addiction. You can witness several symptoms with the withdrawal of marijuana. These symptoms would subside in 2-3 weeks after the start of the treatment. Rehabilitation centers offer cognitive therapy and behavioral interventions for coming out of marijuana addiction.

The above details about the effects of marijuana addiction